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A no downtime newer technology of microdermabrasion that is particle free, with a second step of deep cleaning pores with a deep suction, with the serum of your choice. A light peel & deep cleaning with no pain or down time. 


Anti aging, antioxidant, acne facials available. 


Beautiful effective peels with no pain or redness, just 2 days of peeling, great for brown spots, hyper pigmentation 

Made by Fraxel, the top name in lasers. Most lasers address 1 situation, this is a newer combination of different laser treatments.A very safe laser for people of color, & most people in Hawaii that have a lot of sun exposure, this laser combines the best of two lasers in one on a light & very safe level. It addresses tightening like the Fraxel, & works on hyperpigmentaion in a realistic way for people who spend time outside, & don't want to risk burning "taking their tan, skin color off".